About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands

School Background

The Lollikids Montessori Pre-school & Daycare is a unique learning environment which aims to provide and promote education that nurtures the child’s self-worth, independence and love for learning.

Established in January 2011, The Lollikids Montessori Pre-school & Daycare was founded by a group of investors who advocates in the Montessori System of Education.  

Montessori recognizes that children have a natural drive that inspires them to reach their potential.  This inherent love of learning is stimulated when they are given opportunities to engage in meaningful activities.

Mission & Vision


  • To establish a well motivated and stimulating teaching environment following the Montessori System of Education, delivered by Montessori trained teaching team who serves as guide and models to the children.

  • To uphold its ideal which is “respect for the child” as a unique individual by providing opportunities to explore the Montessori Environment and learn in his own pace.

  • To develop children in their full innate potentials to become well balanced individuals; equipped and established with competent behavioral, academic and self-help skills.


The Lollikids Montessori Pre-school and Daycare envisions its learners as they move on to a new environment that they will be able to adapt competently with a group in any given opportunity.   As they were given opportunities to practice decision making and problem solving through Montessori Work Experiences; time management through class routines and required tasks; interpersonal communication among peers and creative expression through arts.

The Lollikids Montessori Pre-school and Daycare believes that teachers being Montessori trained are the key and plays significant role in achieving the child’s fullest Montessori pre-school education.  Thus, ground rules and Montessori approaches must be applied in full knowledge at all times.