Integrated Program


The children aged from 2-6 years old are taught basic words in Mandarin by our Mandarin teacher, which is offered twice a week. Beginners start with common verbal skills, learning words for colours, numbers, vegetable, animal names, and emphasizing on Word Recognition, Reading and Phonics. Singing is also a part of our Mandarin program, to improve speech and language skills.

Music & Movement

The purpose of our musical program is to offer children to express themselves through music. This program promotes the happy habit of learning music with primary focus in development of in-tune singing, rhythm and listening skills.

Creative Arts

Self-expression through art is an important part of our daily program and allows children to be creative. Hands-on experiences such as painting, scribbling, pasting and coloring are great media for free expression. This program encourages children to explore and experiment with a wide variety of art mediums such as origami papers, paints, brushes, glitters, etc. Children’s artwork is displayed around the school with great respect.

Reading has no age limit. Intellectual and linguistic abilities are developed with our interactive and illustrative books. When hearing a story, children can create their own imaginary pictures, just as the teacher has done. These pictures are not materialized or imposed upon the children. The children are free to create what is necessary for them, in their own life and development, and imagine in a healthy way into the stories.

Story Telling

Dramatic Play

Free play is an essential part of our curriculum. Due to the numerous benefits it delivers, we have included Dramatic/Constructive Play in our daily program to bring about enjoyable experiences for children. Social Dramatic Play enhances the imagination and creativity. Children are exposed to fun “real” life skills play (e.g. in the kitchen).

Dramatic Play greatly assists in the development of children’s social skills and inspires them to learn through exploration.

Fun Cooking

In our cookery sessions, our children have the opportunity to experience hands-on basic cooking skills and learn about nutrition and the importance of a balance diet. They also learn team spirit in a fun way as they “work” and learn in a team of four to six.



Indoor Play involves exercises in body movement, which assist the child's physical development, body awareness, and coordination