Parent- Teacher Conferences & Parents Observation Day

The Coffee Mornings is a parent’s activity that allows them to observe and witness their children in the classroom. It is done once every two terms of the academic school year. Through this, parents will be familiarized with the children’s Montessori activities and witness their progress in terms of their social and cognitive development.

Parent-Teacher Conference

To closely observe the child’s progress, the Parent -Teacher Conferences are conducted. Constant communication between teachers and parents is Lollikids Montessori Pre-school’s main priority. Through the years the school has maintained a close and positive relationship with the parents. 

Parent Seminars

The Lollikids Montessori Pre-school and Daycare believes that parents should have clear understanding of the programs and curriculum the school offers. Thus, parent orientations, Montessori workshops and parenting seminars are emphasized.

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